At Wassen we believe that our health is made up from essential building blocks: good nutrition, good quality sleep, regular exercise and keeping stress at bay. These elements are all interlinked when we exercise our stress levels reduce, when we are stressed, we can’t sleep, when we eat well, we have more energy to exercise etc.

Our range of health supplements has been designed to support you in wherever you feel you need it. We are passionate about helping people to live happier healthier lives. Follow us on social and sign up to emails to get regular motivational emails to support you along your journey..

The formulation experts since 1982

Ethically & sustainably sourced bioavailable supplements developed from over 40 years of market leading innovation. Since our inception in 1982, Wassen have been pioneering the link between good nutrition and health. Our expert formulators continue to use the latest scientific understanding to develop natural, ethical, and premium quality supplements that you can rely on. 

Our Values


    40 years of expertise in product formulation. Pioneering the importance of minerals for health.


    Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards with premium sources of vitamins and minerals.


    Our unique formulas contain bioavailable forms on nutrients and our quality assurance laboratory tests each batch to ensure nutrient levels are as stated.