At Wassen we are passionate about helping people to live happier and healthier lives. We believe quality health is built on strong foundations: good nutrition, good sleep, regular exercise and reduced stress. These elements are all interlinked
and it’s our mission to educate and support you on your journey to better health goals. Our range of health supplements has been formulated by experts and designed to support your different health needs, so you can always find the right supplements for you.

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The mineral experts since 1982

With over 40 years of market-leading innovation, inspired by nature's minerals, we provide scientifically selected, sustainable and ethically sourced nutritional supplements. Since our inception in 1982, Wassen has been pioneering the link between good quality nutrition and health. Our expert formulators continue to use the latest scientific understanding to develop natural, ethical, and premium quality supplements that you can rely on. 

Our Values


    For four decades, we've been leaders in mineral-based health solutions. Our expert nutritionists continue to research and develop products based on the latest scientific research into mineral supplements.


    Our supplements are always made in the UK and are manufactured to a high standard. Our products undergo rigorous laboratory testing to ensure they meet our high standards for product quality, safety and efficacy.


    Our unique formulas contain bioavailable forms of nutrients to enhance health and well-being. All of our formulations are backed by science, with extensive literature available to support the claims we make.