Ill all the time?

Ill all the time?

Have you noticed that some people never seem to get ill, they sail through life effortlessly whilst others seem to be ill all the time, sniffling through all the seasons.

Is this just luck, genetics? More likely they have a well functioning immune system that can deal with all the nasties that are thrown at it.

The immune system is a highly evolved series of defences against external organisms and internal toxins and is a system constantly on alert. Think of it as your own personal army!! All warriors need to be fed well, watered and rested before they can perform at their best and it is no different for your immune system.

Problems can occur when the immune system becomes overwhelmed. Smoking, vaping, environmental pollution, evolving viruses, increased alcohol intake, poor diet, lack of exercise and insufficient sleep. These all have a negative impact on how well the immune system can perform.

The lymphatic system helps to eradicate bugs. The network of small vessels drag infected cells back to lymph glands in the neck, armpit or groin. These swell when immune cells are produced. This system relies on movement, so lack of exercise slows down the immune system's ability to fight on your behalf effectively. There are some great exercises to improve lymphatic drainage. Give it a go!

Supporting your immune cells with the right vitamins and minerals from your diet is the first port of call for all of us, including the young, old and those with busy lives.

Research has shown the essential nutrients for a healthy immune system are:

Selenium - Is a mineral that is important for a healthy functioning immune system. Also a recent review in 2015 indicated that selenium amongst other beneficial vitamins is a safe addition to help support the immune system.

Vitamin A - a nutrient important for a healthy within the immune system. Ensuring you have a good variety of highly coloured vegetables such as sweet potato, carrots, spinach can help make sure that you have enough Vitamin A.

Vitamin C - Make sure you eat plenty of Vitamin C rich foods such oranges, strawberries, kale and kiwis to ensure you hit not only your five a day but get enough Vitamin C for a healthy immune system.

Vitamin E - A potent lipid-soluble antioxidant, is one of the most effective nutrients known to protect your cells from de-stabilising. This has benefits for immune cells.

Vitamin D - Evidence exists on associations between low vitamin D status and poor immune function. In addition the UK Government have now recommended that it is beneficial for most to supplement vitamin D in the winter months.

Clearly trying to get more of these nutrients into your diet is a must. Click here for recipes that pack a powerful punch for the 'Famous 5' of immune supporting nutrients.

It also does no harm to think about an additional insurance policy via a tailored supplement such as 'immune health' from Wassen. It contains five nutrients for immune support and has the added benefit of 40 years of research and development.

Click here for immune support recipes

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