Hydration hacks – winning ways to drink more water

Hydration hacks – winning ways to drink more water

We all know that water is good for us and according to the NHS[1] we should be drinking 6-8 cups of fluid per day, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Victoria Malcolm, our Wellbeing Expert shares five ways to drink more water.


  1. Eat lots of fruit and veg

The high water content of fruit and vegetables means they are a fantastic way to introduce more water into your diet, whilst you are also getting all those essential vitamins and minerals. Some fruit and vegetables have a particularly high water content, for example, cucumber and melon, so these are really great options.


  1. Love your water bottle

Find a water bottle that you love and this will encourage you to drink more water. There is so much choice these days from personalised options to bottles which help to countdown and monitor consumption. Love your bottle and drink more water!


  1. Plan your water

Drinking too much water with food can dilute the digestive enzymes, making it harder to get the goodness out of your food so try drinking water 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after food. This also means you’ll be well hydrated before you eat and not confuse thirst with hunger.


  1. Flavour it

If you find water boring and tasteless, try pepping it up by adding some flavour.  Some healthy options include a slice of lemon, a sprig of mint or a few slices of cucumber.


  1. Boost it!

Wassen’s NEW range of powdered nutrients to mineralise your water will make your water word harder for you, boosting it with essential vitamins and minerals. Simply add the powder to your tap water and GO!

These totally tasty powders contain essential minerals in bioavailable forms, plus vitamins and premium botanicals. They get to work fast so you can get on with your day knowing your water is enhanced with nutritional support.

  • With its tangy green apple flavour, start your day and hit the ground running with Wassen Hydrate + Replenish, which has been formulated with spirulina and green tea extract, and contains 100% of your regular daily intake of vitamin D.
  • For the mid-afternoon lull, shake, stir and boost your water with Wassen Energy + Cognition, formulated with cinnamon, green tea extract and maca extract.
  • When a hectic day draws to a close, kick back and chillax with Wassen Relax + Unwind, the perfect complement to your relaxing bedtime routine.


[1] https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/eat-well/food-guidelines-and-food-labels/the-eatwell-guide/


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